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Minutes for Planning Meetings for 58th Southwest Regional Meeting in 2002

Minutes for planning meeting of May 12, 1999

The 2002 Southwest Regional Meeting is scheduled to be held in the fall of 2002 in Lake Charles, Louisiana and will be jointly hosted by the Southwest Louisiana Section and the Sabine-Neches Section of the American Society.

General Chair:

Program Chair: Mark Delaney, Department of Chemistry, P. O. Box 90455, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA 70609, Phone: (318) 475-5754, FAX: (318) 475-5950, E-mail:


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Chair: Todd Honeycutt, Phone: 478-1743 E-mail:
Chair-Elect: Joan Vallee, Phone: 475-5780 E-mail:
Past-Chair: Joseph Sneddon, Phone: 475-5781 E-mail:
Treasurer: Grizelle Brunet, Phone: 491-4278 E-mail:
Secretary: Carey Hardaway, Phone: 436-1461 E-mail:
Councilor: Mark Delaney, Phone: 475-5754 E-mail:
Alternate Councilor: Paula Abel, Phone: 475-5816 E-mail:
Newsletter Editor: Mark Delaney, as above
Webmaster: Mark Delaney, as above

The E-mail address for the SWLA ACS section newsletter and webpage is

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