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You may copy the ballot below and paste it into an e-mail, indicating your choices by designating them with an "X" e-mailing the ballot to, or you may print the ballot out and return the portion belowvia U. S. mail to Greg Trahan, 4325 Harvard St. #A, Lake Charles, LA 70607-4931. If you are returning the ballot by U.S. mail, please sign your name above the return address on the envelope. Please make every effort to return this ballot before December 14, 2007 via e-mail or U.S. mail or you may bring the ballot to the December dinner meeting at 6:30 pm Monday December 17, 2007 at Pat's of Henderson's (1500 Siebarth Dr., Lake Charles, LA 70615) (all ballots due to 6:30 pm). If you are planning to attend the dinner meeting please RSVP at either or (337) 475-5956 by December 14th. Each individual is responsible for their own food order at Pat's.

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_____ Joseph Sneddon

_____ ______________ (Write-in Candidate)


_____ Greg Trahan

_____ ______________ (Write-in Candidate)


_____ Bob Pertuit

_____ ______________ (Write-in Candidate)