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Minutes for May 12, 1999 Planning Meeting for 58th Southwest Regional Meeting in 2002

General Chair:

Program Chair: Mark Delaney, Department of Chemistry, P. O. Box 90455, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA 70609, Phone: (318) 475-5754, FAX: (318) 475-5950, E-mail:

Decisions made at May 12, 1999 Planning Meeting

  1. The black & white logo were chosen (Yes, Joan I cleaned it up somewhat, it still needs a little work) and the color photograph for the web page were chosen.
  2. It was decided that the format for the abstract would be 81/2" by 11", printed in black and white, with the price of the abstract book being included in the registration.
  3. It was decided that the tentative symposia would be:
    • Symposium on K-12 Science Teaching
    • Symposium on Undergraduate Research in memory of Dr. J. David Tauber
    • Symposium of the Future of Polymerization Catalysis and Polymerization Production
    • Symposium on Trends in Polymer Characterization
    • Symposium on Environmental Chemistry and Analysis
  4. Joan Vallee will meet with the Convention and Tourist Bureau to try to determine possible dates and locations
  5. Mark Delaney will approach Russ Ham about helping with fund raising
  6. Joe Sneddon volunteered to help. Perhaps with helping to organize symposia?
  7. The 2002 SWRM Meeting should have its own bank account.
  8. The Sabine-Neches Section will be invited to the Fall Annual Dinner. At the dinner Mark Delaney will make a short presentation about the 58th SWRM Meeting in 2002, to attract help from the Sabine-Neches Section

Things Left Undecided

  1. Will the section treasurer serve as the SWRM treasurer or will the SWRM have a separate treasurer?
  2. Will there be a full scale exposition, a limited table top exposition or no exposition?
  3. Will there be a formal banquet in conjunction with the 2002 SWRM?
  4. It was agreed that K-12 teachers and students need a reduced registration fee, but not what amount.

Mark Delaney offered that the National Office has much more help than in the past. They will be taking care of registration, all abstracts will be collected by them over the internet. They have people to check over potential contracts. The Division of ChemEd is especially interested with helping with the K-12 Science Teaching Symposium. Contacts at National ACS NORMA ((New) Office of Regional Meeting Activities) office include the Manager, Nancy Todd, Phone: 1-800-227-5558 x6009, FAX: 202-872-6013 or 202-872-6128, e-mail: and John Michael Sophos, Staff Associate, Phone: 1-800-272-5558 x4608, FAX: 202-872-6013, e-mail:

Mark came back from Seattle with a lot of information, which he will try to distribute to the appropriate people as soon as possible.

Some Potentially Useful Data on SWRMs:

Attendance Data:

Mtg. & DateLocationMem. Att.Stud. Att. Total Att.
54th 1998Baton RougeN/A189565
53rd 1997TulsaN/AN/A405
52nd 1996HoustonN/AN/A922
51st 1995 (SE/SW)Memphis4223291300
50th 1994Fort Worth234420834
49th 1993AustinN/AN/A880
48th 1992Lubbock201223500
47th 1991San AntonioN/AN/A750
46th 1990 (SE/SW)New OrleansN/AN/A1545
45th 1989Baton RougeN/AN/A541
44th 1988Corpus ChristiN/AN/A668
43rd 1987Little Rock18592439
42nd 1986HoustonN/AN/A1213
41st 1985 (SE/SW)Memphis3991711034
40th 1984LubbockN/AN/A604
39th 1983TulsaN/AN/A604
38th 1982 (SW/RM)El Paso232111373

N/A = Not available

Hotel/Site Data:

Mtg. & LocationHotel/SiteHotel RateBlock Ttl.Pickup Ttl.
1998 Baton RougeBaton Rouge Hilton$75/$85140285
1997 TulsaAdams Mark$69265247
1996 HoustonAdams Mark$69403298
1995 (SE/SW) MemphisPeabody HotelN/AN/AN/A
1994 Fort WorthWorthington Hotel$80550N/A
1993 AustinHyatt Regency$75N/AN/A
1992 LubbockLubbock Civic Center$60N/AN/A
1991 San AntonioHilton Palacia del Rio$10065N/A
1990 (SE/SW) New OrleansHyatt Regency$88350312
1989 Baton RougeBaton Rouge Hilton$66.30N/AN/A
1988 Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi Convention Center$55/$65N/AN/A
1987 Little RockStatehouse Convention Center$60N/AN/A
1986 HoustonAdams Mark$60N/AN/A
1985 (SE/SW) MemphisCook Convention Center$59640N/A
1984 LubbockLubbock Civic CenterN/AN/AN/A
1983 TulsaWilliams Plaza HotelN/AN/AN/A
1982 (SW/RM) El PasoEl Paso Convention CenterN/AN/AN/A

N/A = Not available

Program Data:

Mtg. & LocationPapersExhibitorsProgram ChairGeneral Chair
1998 Baton Rouge2930George StanleyCarl Hudson
1997 Tulsa21913Dale TeetersFred Growcock
1996 Houston31837Ed BillupsJoe Hightower
1995 (SE/SW) Memphis7220Roger LLoydPeter Bridson
1994 Fort Worth29333A. P. MarchandH. C. Kelley
1993 Austin40916Alan CowleyJames Boggs
1992 Lubbock23817Robert HowlerdaRobert Walkup
1991 San Antonio3490Susan WeintraubJohn Burke, Jr.
1990 (SE/SW) New Orleans69554Basil Anex & Joseph EnglertRalph Bemi
1989 Baton Rouge29014James TraynhamWillaim Daly
1988 Corpus ChristiN/AN/AT. R. HaysO. S. Fruchey & J. S. Thompson
1987 Little Rock25718Lyndal YorkDamon Royce
1986 Houston47630Stanley DemingRobert Botto
1985 (SE/SW) Memphis40438David JeterL. P. Clark
1984 Lubbock36418Richard BartschJerry Mills
1983 Tulsa30215Marwin KempEdward Butler
1982 (SW/RM) El Paso29717M. Lawrence Ellzey, Jr.Keith Pannell

N/A = Not available

Revenue Data:

Mtg. & LocationMem. FeeStud. FeeReg. Rev.Contrib. Rev.Exh. Rev.
1998 Baton Rouge$60/75$10/20N/AN/A$0
1997 Tulsa$60/75$10/15N/AN/AN/A
1996 Houston$60/75$25/25N/AN/AN/A
1995 (SE/SW) Memphis$75/90$25/30$48,405.50$11,100$18,290
1994 Fort Worth$70/80$25/30$32,470$4,500$11,400
1993 Austin$65/80$15/25N/AN/AN/A
1992 Lubbock$40/50$10/10$12,720$100$8,500
1991 San Antonio$80/90$25/25N/AN/AN/A
1990 (SE/SW) New Orleans$75/90$10/10$65,055.74$4,518$33,750
1989 Baton Rouge$50/60$10/10N/AN/AN/A
1988 Corpus Christi$45/55$10/15N/AN/AN/A
1987 Little Rock$50/65$20/35$17,545$1,500$10,550
1986 Houston$45/55$10/15$39,881.90$7,650$28,150
1985 (SE/SW) Memphis$45/55$15/20N/AN/AN/A
1984 LubbockN/AN/AN/AN/A
1983 TulsaN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
1982 (SW/RM) El Paso$35/40$10/10$10,740$1,200$5,950

$XX/YY = Advance/Onsite Registration Fees, N/A = Not available

Total Income/Expense Data:

Mtg. & LocationTotal RevenuesTotal Expenxe
1998 Baton RougeN/AN/A
1997 TulsaN/AN/A
1996 HoustonN/AN/A
1995 (SE/SW) Memphis$83,272.36$88,272.36
1994 Fort Worth$49,420$36,474
1993 AustinN/AN/A
1992 Lubbock$28,407.85$28.361.94
1991 San AntonioN/AN/A
1990 (SE/SW) New Orleans$102,189.74$52,660.84
1989 Baton RougeN/AN/A
1988 Corpus ChristiN/AN/A
1987 Little Rock$32,997$33,193
1986 Houston$85,513.40$73,132.12
1985 (SE/SW) MemphisN/AN/A
1984 LubbockN/AN/A
1983 TulsaN/AN/A
1982 (SW/RM) El Paso$18,505.00$14,464.24

N/A = Not available


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